Saturday, May 29, 2010

T.P. Blog- Lesson #3- Keyboard Technique In The Front Ensemble

So, as marching bands begin to pick up their rehearsals, I decided to spend a little bit of time with mallet technique and how that relates to the front ensemble.

I mention Tom Burritt, and his Percussion Axiom TV. Here is the link to PATV. Check it out! He has some great stuff going on there! His latest episode, #66, details some great stuff on Steven's Grip.

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  1. Do you use any sort of prep system with your groups? There isn't a lot of defined material out there on things like preps and choreographing movements in the front ensemble. Also, there seem to be different stroke types that people are using now other than just a piston stroke, I've seen groups use several with like a legato stroke, piston stroke, "up" stroke, etc. Have you heard of anything like that? I guess the broader question goes into rehearsing the front ensemble - not a lot out there on the methods the modern DCI and WGI groups are using.