Monday, November 12, 2012

T.P. Blog Lesson #8- Something A Little Different...

It is that time once again!!! Today's lesson is a little different (Correction, this is Lesson #8, not 7 as I said in the video!). We are discussing music programs in schools and the state of the American Symphony Orchestra.

Enjoy the conversation, and as always, feel free to leave your comments! A super HUGE thank you to Katie Ammann of The Music School of Roanoke Rapids and Marilee Teasley from MSU for dropping by and making this hangout a reality!!!!

If you want more information about specific orchestras and the current situation, check out the OrchestraPlayers website on Facebook.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

T.P. Blog- Lesson #7- Thompson Double Traditional Grip?

WOW!!!! It has been incredibly too long since my last lesson!  So much has happened in the past year...  Let me take a hot second to fill you in!

After the last post, The Music School Of Roanoke Rapids had an amazing inaugural summer!  I am so fortunate to have been asked to be involved there.  After a crazy trip back to Indianapolis, I began my push to finish my masters at Butler.  I ended up participating in so much amazing music there and finished with an amazingly fun recital! (if you want to catch the live-stream recording... you can here!!!)

After graduation, I got a job with Apple and moved to Chicago! YEAH ILLINOIS!!!  Life is super exciting right now, and I wanted to try and devote more time to the blog.  So, without further a due, here is a video shot while finishing up at Butler and is mostly a parody... Or is it???  I want to thank a very special guest for this episode (all the way from Canada) for lending his expertise and insight on the technique that he single handedly developed... on the spot.  So, thank you Francois (aka Brendan) for demonstrating the amazingly useful Thompson Double Traditional Grip!  Don't forget to work on those ETT's!!!  Enjoy!